Top 3 Most Outstanding Persons in Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycling requires outstanding skills from athletes, which are highly valued in professional sports and among fans. In the century-old experience of the development of racing on motorcycles, few riders will forever be remembered by fans of this sport. Let’s get acquainted with the most famous and productive riders in the world.

Absolute World Record Holder From Italy

Italy gave the world the truly legendary motorcycle racer Giacomo Agostini. This outstanding athlete was born in the city of Brescia in Italy in 1942. From an early age, he was fond of automobile and motorcycle sports. According to the racer, his idols were John Surtees (a British racer who became a global champion in both kinds of racing, especially motorcycle) and Mike Halwood (holder of nine world-class titles).

Giacomo has been involved in racing for 17 years. During these many years he devoted to motorsport, he managed to win a total of 311 victories in competitions of various levels. His most prestigious awards were 122 victories in the global Grand Prix and conquering the championship 15 times. Both of these records remain unbroken to this day. At the moment, Giacomo is 79 years old and has received a state award from the Italian government for outstanding achievements in motorsport.

Another Record Holder From Italy

The next record holder, Rossi Valentino, also represents Italy. He was born in 1979 in the family of the famous racing driver Graziano Rossi. From childhood, his father instilled in the young man a love of speed. Valentino completed his opening race when he was 18 and won the world title the very next year, becoming one of the youngest holders of such an honorary title. During his occupation, Rossi won 9 global championships. He became famous as a real master. For his skill and accuracy, he received the nickname “Doctor” from the fans. At the moment, Valentino Rossi continues his racing activities and plays for the Yamaha team. In total, he has over 100 walkovers to his credit.

The Well Known British Champion of Automobile and Racing on Motorcycles

Briton Michael Hailwood was born in Birmingham in 1940 in the household of a motorcycle salesman. Michael’s love for motorsport appeared at an early age. He made his first race at the age of 17, and a year later he became the champion of four different classes. In addition to motorsport, Michael also professionally raced cars, but he gained his main fame as a motorcycle racer. Due to his ability to skillfully handle a vehicle, he was given the sobriquet “Mike the bike”.

During his career, he managed to get the title of world champion 9 times. Surely he has pleased his fans more than once with successful performances, but he died in a car accident in 1981.

Follow the Development of Motorsport and its Outstanding Personalities!

As you can tell motorsport has given the world truly outstanding and strong personalities. The modern motorsport is full of new athletes who are waiting for their finest hour.