Basic Types of Motorcycles and Their Features

In the present world, the world of motorsport offers us competitions for every taste. Millions of spectators around the world regularly watch road racing, stunt competitions, off-road racing, and even the elimination derby! For each of these competitions, special motorcycles are needed. Let’s find out what types of vehicles exist and where they find their application.

The most favorite types of motorbikes among fans of speed are undoubtedly sportbikes.
Vehicles of this type have characteristic features:

  • The presence of a fairing
  • low handlebar
  • High footrests
  • Highly boosted engine
  • High-efficiency brakes

The motor of such sportbikes can be 2- or 4-cylinder in volume from 250 to 1000 cubic centimeters.

The most elite representative of sportbikes are superbikes that participate in the most prestigious competitions such as MotoGP and are not mass-produced, but are prototypes.
The most popular sportbike brands are Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW, and Ducati.

The Best Motorcycles for Straight-line Racing Competition

Racing without turns over 804 meters is called drag racing. Motorcycles with a long body and a highly accelerated engine participate in such races. Sometimes nitromethane is used to fuel such vehicles.

The Most Common Off-road Motorcycles

For trials and cross-country competitions, as well as all championships that are held on dirt roads, special off-road vehicles are used. They are divided into three main types:

Cross-country vehicles – usually have an engine from 125 cubic centimeters, improved, shock absorbers and suspension, large wheels, injection or carburetor fuel supply. These bikes are usually used for cross-country racing and easily overcome obstacles due to their large wheels and strong engine.

Enduro – such off-road bikes are the strongest and hardiest. Design features include a wider front wheel diameter, wide handlebars, high mudguard mount, chain drive, steel frame, and air/oil-cooled engine. Such motorcycles are made as durable as possible. Breaking anything other than headlights and mirrors is hard enough. These bikes are ideal for multi-day grueling off-road racing.

Trial – vehicles for moto trial have great maneuverability. Such motorcycles are very light with a mass of no more than 80 kilograms. The engine capacity on such vehicles does not exceed 280 cubic centimeters. The gearbox has six steps. A characteristic feature of the design is the absence of a resonator, which lets the rider start abruptly and overcome obstacles. Rear suspension system with monoshock absorber. The main distinguishing feature of such vehicles is the absence of a seat. The rider must be on his feet at all times in order to have better control of the bike when performing tricks and overcoming obstacles.

Learn New Information About Motorsport Every Day!

Today you have become more educated in the technical part of motorcycle racing. Do not stop in your development and always try to learn something new about what fascinates you.