Spectacular Sport for Real Fans of Speed

At the moment, there are many different types of races in the world. There are bike contests, racing cars, and even modern drone competitions. But none of these sporting competitions can compare in terms of entertainment with motorcycle racing. Every day, thousands of people join motorcycle clubs, and broadcasts of races on television and on the Internet attract millions of viewers around the world. Let’s learn more about the history of this popular sport and what exactly makes it so popular.

The Emergence and History of the Development of Motorcycle Racing

The father of all motorcycling is considered to be the German inventor and engineer Gottlieb Daimer. In 1885, he introduced the world to the first mechanical riding device, which served as the prototype for modern motorcycles. Three years later, using the developments of Gottlieb, the French company De Dion-Button launched the production of three-wheeled motorcycles.

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It was France that became the birthplace of the first motorcycle races. In 1895, the first unofficial motorcycle contest took place along the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris route. The distance was 1200 kilometers, and cars participated in the race on an equal footing with motorcycles, since at that time all vehicles driven by internal combustion were classified as one type of transport, without division into two-wheeled and four-wheeled.

The first official motorcycle contest took place in Vienna in 1899, although the official separation between motorcycles and cars would come later in the early 20th century.

Initially, motorcycle competitions were held on the highway for long distances, mainly between cities. Such sporting events were of little interest to the spectators since there was no television and filming from the air, which led to the creation of special motodromes for indoor competitions. Engineers have been constantly working on improving the design of vehicles, which has led to the emergence of a huge variety of motorcycles and corresponding different types of competitions for them.
The first closed-circuit contest for motorcycles was held in the Ardennes under the auspices of the Belgian Automobile Club.

Types of Motorcycle Racing and Their Popularity

Due to the constant development of technology and the ever-increasing popularity of this sport, various types of motorsport competitions are held around the world.
Let’s take a look at the most popular:

  • Speedway is a popular type of contest on an oval track up to 400 meters long. Racers compete in speed and ability to maintain balance when cornering. Such competitions are often found among sports broadcasts on television and the Internet.
  • Grossspeedway is a variation of the classic speedway, but it provides for a longer track length up to 1000 meters. For such competitions, lighter vehicles are used with a two-speed gearbox for acceleration and braking before turning.
  • Racing on ice is a winter version of the speedway. Such events are more risky, as the movement takes place on slippery ice. If you like to tickle your nerves, then such championships are just for you.
  • Motocross is a popular type of contest on a closed track on rough terrain with artificial and natural obstacles. Such sports events are quite spectacular and require high control skills from athletes. Specially designed vehicles with a reinforced frame and shock absorbers take part in the contest.
  • Supercross is an analog of motocross but is held in a stadium, which allows spectators in the stands to watch all stages of the race.
  • Supermoto is a special type of competition held on a mixed type of track, where there is an asphalt surface along with a dirt road. To participate, special vehicles with a special type of tires are required.
  • Enduro is an off-road contest that involves a certain pace of driving and the performance of special tasks. Such sports competitions are a serious test of endurance for both the rider and his vehicle.
  • Cross-country is a separate discipline, which provides for off-road competitions exclusively. In turn, such competitions can be divided into many subspecies.
  • Road contest is a very popular form of competition. Typically, such events are held on a high-quality asphalt surface, which is designed specifically for sports superbikes. One of the famous competitions of this type is MotoGP.
  • Moto trial – special sporting contests that are held on rough terrain and in the presence of obstacles. Such events are held on special vehicles without a seat. The rider must overcome all obstacles while standing.

Join a Local Motorcycle Club and Find Like-Minded People

Motorcycle racing has a huge fan base around the world. In every major city, you are likely to find one or more related clubs. There are different types of clubs. For fans of choppers and massive road bikes, there are special biker clubs. If you are a fan of high-speed riding and sharp turns, then you will like the gathering of sportbike fans. Interest clubs are easy to find on the Internet.

Even alone, watching such contests is an unforgettable sight. Choose a competition to your liking and enjoy a portion of the drive and extreme sports.

Enjoy Virtual Motorcycle Racing if You Value Safety

In the 21st century, due to the development of the gaming industry and Internet technologies, eSports has become very popular. Initially, competitions were held exclusively in computer games. At the moment, more and more official competitions in various sports disciplines have begun to be held in the virtual world.
If you are too emotional and racing terrifies you due to the high degree of injury, then virtual competitions are the choice for you!
Even such a prestigious organization as MotoGP has been holding racing competitions using its own driving simulator for several years. It is not uncommon for esportsmen who successfully proved themselves in virtual races to become real racers.

Racing in virtual reality has a number of advantages:

  • Safety
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Availability
  • High tech
  • Popularity

Discover the Amazing World of Motorcycle Racing

You can be sure that the rich variety of sporting championships held will not let you get bored. Choose the competition you like and enjoy racing in real life or virtual space!