The Most Prestigious and Favored Motorcycle Racing Around The Globe

Due to its spectacularity and beauty, motorsport rightfully occupies a leading position among various world-class sporting events. You can find motorcycle contests for every taste. Let’s find out which motorcycle races are the most popular among speed fans.

Many countries organize their own national competitions, which are broadcast on television and on the Internet. Let’s take a look at world-class motorcycle racing that has won the love and commitment of millions of fans around the world.

MotoGP is the most prestigious and recognizable event in the world of motorcycle racing. This championship has been held since 1949. At the moment, competitions are held in three different classes: MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3. Common to all three types are non-serial unique vehicles chassis and frames, but engines in Moto2 class competitions are serial. MotoGP motorbikes are equipped with the most powerful engines, which allows them to reach speeds of more than 350 kilometers per hour. This type of event is regulated by the International Motorcycle Federation.

World Superbike is a popular contest. The main difference from the MotoGP tournament is that serial sports vehicles are allowed to participate, which makes this event not so prestigious, but extremely popular among the simpler population. This event was first held in 1988. This event is regulated by the International Motorcycle Federation.

SpeedwayGP is the youngest tournament among the most high-rated and popular events. The first contest of this regulation took place in 1995. 18 participants participate in one stage of such contests. Four riders compete at the same time in one race. They compete along a closed oval 400 meters long. The one who comes to the finish line first gets three points, the second place gets 2 points, and the third one takes one point with him. The format of the tournament implies that each of the participants must compete with each opponent. Thus, in one day, about 22 races will occur, the results of which determine the winner of the stage.

An interesting variation of this competition is Ice Speedway Gladiators. The rules of the contest remain the same, but the main difference is that instead of asphalt, there is ice and snow under the wheels of the participants. Such competitions are even more spectacular but extremely risky and traumatic.

Choose Your Favorite Competition and Enjoy an Unforgettable Spectacle

As you can tell, motorsport provides a wide range of events for even the most sophisticated spectator. If you love exclusive prototype bikes, then you will love MotoGP. In case, if you like extreme sports and danger, then competitions like Ice Speedway Gladiators will not leave you indifferent.