Rivian’s Latest Adventure Makes Us Dream Of R1T-Filled Days To Come

The Rivian R1T seems like a solid option for social distancing.

Can you go overlanding and hiking during a global pandemic? While we think these activities would be fantastic ways to pass the time, we can’t answer that question with 100 percent certainty. You’ll have to check with your local government to find out about the specifics of your stay-at-home order. Sadly, even if you’re approved to venture out, you won’t be able to do it in a Rivian vehicle just yet.

Once the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck and R1S three-row SUV come to market, they’ll work to change the face of camping and overlanding as we know it. You’ll have to wait until 2021 to take delivery of one of these luxury, adventure vehicles. We can only hope that by then, this unsettling virus situation will be far behind us. If not, Rivian’s all-electric pickup truck offers just about everything you need to leave the pavement behind, head for the hills, and live alone in the great outdoors, at least temporarily.

We appreciate that even during this difficult time, Rivian is still sharing its adventures with us. This time, they spend some time with a veteran mountain climber in Tahoe. We’d like to point specific attention to the end of the short video. It’s there that you’ll see the R1T outfitted with a tent. Even better, its slide-out kitchen is being put to good use.

Once you’ve watched the video, head over to RivianChat for more conversation about this unique electric vehicle automaker.

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